Loft & Garage Conversions

As you and your family grow, you will inevitably need more space. Most people look to sell their property and move to a bigger house as a first choice. Another popular option is to build an extension if they have the garden space or to convert their loft. All of these options are very expensive, time consuming and stressful.

Shard Installations have the perfect solution whereby you can add more space with the least amount of money and time whilst adding value to your home.  We can help you to transform your loft or garage into a room that will become an invaluable and comfortable addition to your home.

Kitchen Fitting

All installations are fitted to the highest standards, to achieve client satisfaction.

Ceramic Tiling

We are experienced in all areas of residential tiling. Areas that our service covers include kitchen/bathroom walls and floors, as well as floor tiling throughout a property. We work with a number national/international suppliers so the range of products at our disposal is extensive.

Painting & Decorating

Some time in their lifetime people wish to try their hand at some kind of decorating only to realise that getting the perfect finish is more difficult than it first looked. Our highly skilled and qualified team have will carry out the perfect job for you to the highest standard possible.

Preparation is the key to any painting and decorating job and you can only achieve the best results by working from a sound surface. The general rule is to sand down any surface before decorating, fill all cracks and defects, perhaps even re-plaster, sand down again, apply your first coat of paint, sand down again before applying any further coats of paint, before repeating this process again. Is this something you want to do yourself?

It is a myth to think that the perfect painting and decorating job has to be expensive for your home. We believe that it’s paying the right price for quality that counts and we believe we can deliver a fair price along with peace of mind.

Our painting and decorating services cover all aspects such as: interior and exterior, paper hanging, staining and graining. Each job finished, comes with our own quality policy and guarantee.

We also offer a wide range of carpentry and joinery services from fitted furniture to staircases and house renovation.

Decking & Fencing

From the traditional wood decking and fencing, we also offer composite decking and fencing in various ranges, designs and colours which looks just like real wood.

Apart from it being low maintenance, all the products are manufactured using patented composite technology to ensure fine looks that last the tests of time.  Long life and ultra-low maintenance deckings have been engineered into the product range. The hard wearing products are ideal for a wide range of outdoor applications, including decks, roof terraces, patios, boardwalks, piers, and facades.